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Asus' EEE Slate EP121 1A011M Poked and Prodded Featured

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Section III - Real World Usage
Photoshop CS5 -
Photoshop is an industry standard image manipulation application. It is great for not only editing photographs but also for creating original content. For out testing here we used the Driverheavn Photoshop script. This is a custom built action that puts a stock image through a series of filters and allows you to record the time each takes to run.

Photoshop on the EP121 was quick for the most part. Opening up the application took no time at all. Even opening up 20MB RAW files was snappy. Most of our normal work (converting RAW files, cleaning up images, resizing them) was more than fast enough. Still when we ran our actual test we can see that under certain filters the EP121 is pretty slow.  Don’t let that worry you though, for most Photoshop use the EP121 is more than quick enough.

General Performance -
After carrying the EP 121 around for a couple of weeks I got a good feel for how it performs on the go.  In a word this slate from Asus is quick and nimble. Everyone that saw it in action was impressed. Even some of my Apple-centric friends admitted they were impressed despite themselves. Their last bastion of defense was to claim that the OS was open to viruses etc.. I honestly did not have the heart to let them know that their OS was as well. But that is for another story. I have found myself using this for more than just this review. I now use to read e-books, watch Netflix, photo editing and some basic manipulation and even to play some of my favorite older games. It runs the HalfLife series very well at 1280x800 as long as I have the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard available. There are a few quirks but then again nothing is perfect.

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