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Apple Rumored to be in Talks with Yahoo, But it is not Likley to Help

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Apple is continuing their divorce of Google as they are now rumored to be in talks to bring in another search partner. The parent in question is none other than Google rival Yahoo!. We are not sure what Apple hopes to accomplish by partnering up with a search company that has fallen as far as Yahoo has, but we are betting that some of it has to do with removing as much Google as possible. In the past year Apple has moved away from Google Maps and pulled YouTube as a pre-installed App.

Although we all know that Apple’s foray into their own map application was a fiasco  and provided a number of very funny memes on the internet they were able to pull out of that after a few updates. The removal of YouTube as a pre-installed app was sort of pointless people simply download the app from iTunes and get it back, the same thing is also happening with Google Maps all removing these apps does is annoy the end users who may change their mind about buying an Apple product the next time they buy.

Of course changing the default search engine for their mobile browser (and possibly the desktop one as well) is something different. We already know that Apple uses Yahoo for stocks and weather, but would they be willing to go so far as to integrate Yahoo deeply into iOS at this time? We have our doubts about this simply because they would not really be getting Yahoo as Yahoo gets their search results from Microsoft at the time of this writing and it is unlikely that this will change in the near future. They might be able to change this in the future, but it is not likely.

Apple does want to become more self-sustaining and they truly need to. The problem is that as they move away from the partners that helped them get to where they are (Google, Samsung, etc.) more people will see that Apple did not build iOS and the iPhone alone. They had a lot of help and once they reached popularity they started trying to kill off those same partners (who were and still are also competitors).  Apple has no one else to blame but themselves for getting into this situation they threw the gauntlet at Google, Samsung, and others instead of trying to compete through litigation. Now they will be facing an uphill battle to bring more compelling hardware and software to a jaded market that has too many choices as it is and we doubt that bringing Yahoo into this will help them in anyway.

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