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Choiix Comforter drops by the lab, for some quiet time. Featured

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Value –
The Choiix Comforter will run you about $15 from most e-tailers. This is not that bad at all when you think about it. Although it does not seem to be made for adults I could see picking one of these up for my kids. My daughter especially loved it use and not only for her laptop. She also began using it to read and of other tasks that need a relatively stable flat surface. When you consider that most table tops for the couch or bed will run you around $20-30 $15 is not much to spend.

Conclusion -
The Choiix Comforter is a neat product. It does not seem to be made for adults (well at least not adults my age), but more for people ranging from their mid-teens to their late twenties. These are the high school and college years for most people. This ties in with the lifestyle feel that all of the Choiix products have. While I did not find using the Comforter enjoyable my daughter loved it and wants to keep the one I have. The Comforter also is not limited to just computer use; as I mentioned my daughter has begun using it for much more than just holding her netbook stable. She uses it for many other tasks as well. We will say that the Comforter is not for 15-17 inch books; although they do fit they are pretty unstable. However, when you take into account where and to who this product is being marketed to (teenagers and twenty something adults, mostly women) it is a good design and one that is marketed well. 

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