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The Asus Xonar Xense sounds off in the lab Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The Xonar Xense box is eye catching. From the blue smoke trail across the lower half to the clear end that proudly displays the PC 350 Xense head set from Sennheiser.  If you were to see this on a shelf in a store you certainly would pull one of these down and take a closer look.

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Under the front flap we find some key features. Normally this is just fluff on an audio card but here we actually see some items that are important to many audiophiles. From the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding to the built in headphones amp (with up to 600ohms of impedance) these are all items that will get a hard core audio enthusiast to pick this up.

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The back is much less impressive with just a few highlights listed in multiple languages. Once you are past the outer shell and are looking to dive into the Xonar you may find that the box is a tad complicated to open.  Dropping the audio card off is pretty easy but it is a pain to get the headphones out after that if you are trying not to destroy the box that is.

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After you do get things all sorted out there are some extras (yes besides the PC 350 Xense Headphones) that are very handy. One is a DVI style cable that gives you 7.1 channel 1/8-inch stereo plugs. This is paired up with a Toslink adapter and a 1/8 inch to1/2 inch adapter if you want to use another set of headphones (although I have no idea why you would).

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