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CMStorm Ceres 300 Gaming Headset Review Featured

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Value -
Value is another very subjective topic. What is expensive to some might be a deal to others. You can look at this topic in multiple ways. One is raw price and the other is what you get for the money. Each is accurate and both are correct ways to look at price/value. We tend to look at features, performance and real-property when we discuss value. However, we also take into account the raw cash cost of the item. When looking online we found the Ceres 300 for around $50 which is odd because you can also find the more flexible Ceres 400 for around the same price. Still $50 is not a lot to pay for a headset if when you think about it. We would caution you that you might not find the fit very comfortable and if you wear glasses it can become even worse.

Conclusion -
So what do we think about the Ceres 300? That is actually a tough one to say. Our initial thoughts are with comfort and being able to wear these for extended periods of time. After all if the headset is uncomfortable then it really does not matter what the sound is like. However in our extended testing we found that not everyone had this issue and many liked the audio quality. All of that having been said we stand by the comment that a set of adjustable headphones should be designed to properly fit the range of head sizes they are designed for. If you are at the extreme ends (small or large) it should not be uncomfortable or loose, but should fit properly. If the design was a little different the Ceres 300 would be an excellent choice of headphones for gaming. After all the audio is good, if they fit you.

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