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CMStorm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The box that Cooler Master wrapped up the Pulse-R in is a nice one. It is not a typical plastic or cardboard box. Instead it is much more like a gift box with a hinged lid (still cardboard though). This main box is wrapped in a sleeve with some nice graphics. These will leave you with no doubt as to what you are getting (there is a nice picture there).
box01If the picture and the highlights on the front of the box do not sell you then Cooler Master has put some extra highlights on the back. Here all of the major features of the Pulse-R get spelled out for you.
Once you are finished with the outside (we imagine it will only take a couple of seconds) then you can pull the cover off and open the box. To be honest with you I was a little surprised that the Pulse-R was just nestled inside a plastic liner. However, plastic liner aside your Pulse-R will be well protected in shipping. Underneath the liner you will find a small instruction manual and the removable audio cord, in short everything you need to get going.

box03 box04 box05


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