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The term "posting a loss" is misleading. Apple's Q2 2016 financial results are revenue of $50.6 billion, net income of $10.5 billion. Yes, in just one quarter of the year, they made 10.5 billion dollars!

Last year, Q2 2015, they made $13.6 billion net income on $58B of revenue.

So, the term you're looking for is a year-over-year decline in profits of 13%, not a loss. They're still on pace to make $40-50 billion dollars profit this year (i.e. more than just about any other company).

As Apple said, market saturation is a big factor for why they haven't posted a new record this year. I agree that the iPhone 6S is not much of an "innovation" and Apple will need another home-run product in the long run or they can expect slowly declining profits.