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Cooler Master Seidon 120M All-in-One Water Cooler Review Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The box that Cooler Master has put the Seidon is a nice looking it combines Cooler Master’s Purple, the Silver for their 20th anniversary and black. Overall the effect is good. On the front you have an artistic picture of the Seidon’s cooling head and in the background you can see the cooling fins. The head is there to make sure you know that you are not getting another Asetek rebrand with the Seidon, but are getting something new.
On the back of the box, as if to enhance the impression that this is Cooler Master’s own design there is a technical drawing and specifications laid out as if you were looking at the original designs. It is a subtle but impressive effect.
After you are finished marveling at the box you will find that Cooler Master has included everything you need to mount the Seidon on just about any consumer CPU you can think of, even back to the LGA 775 socket. Our video below shows you all of this in more detail and also shows you how to mount the Seidon to an Intel LGA 2011 socket. Overall we are impressed with things so far.

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