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Diamond WPCTVPRO Vstream Wireless 1080p PC to TV USB Adapter Review Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The box that the WPCTVPRO comes in is designed to be shaped like a diamond. Which is a pretty cool design in reality and also allows for fairly easy access and even storage if you need it. The outside is fairly uninteresting with images of the WPCTVPRO and not a whole lot more.
After removing the slipcover and splitting the box open things are much more interesting. Nestled inside a foam “tray” we find the two major components of the WPCTVPRO. These are the USB adapter and the display transceiver (for lack of a better word). Opposite them is a CD-ROM that contains installation information for Windows based systems (you will probably never need this CD).
Behind the CD is a flap that conceals all of the other items that you need to get the WPCTVPRO running. Diamond has included an HDMI cable, power cord and a small quick install guide.

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