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Diamond WPCTVPRO Vstream Wireless 1080p PC to TV USB Adapter Review Featured

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The WPCTVPRO Vstream -
The WPCTVPRO is a DisplayLink device at its core (DL-165) and this is the technology it is using in the main tranciever to take the wireless USB signal and convert it to display information. Although DisplyLink is the technology for video Samsung is who actually developed the wireless chip that is running the show. You get a Samsung S3C2680A wireless chip that is capable of low-power, high-bandwidth transfers. When you first plug things in you will see it as a Samsung Audio/Video device, but the driver you need is all DisplayLink. There is also a C-Media CM108AH audio chip with headphone amp which is used to power the 3.5mm stereo jack.

The USB portion of the WPCTVPRO is small and discrete with the USB plug attached at a 90 degree angle. This means it is not going to stick out of your laptop awkwardly.
The main transceiver unit is also small, but by necessity it needs to be much larger. For display connectivity you get HDMI and VGA. We found this a little bit odd as we expected DVI to be a more logical choice. DVI has become much more common than Standard VGA, but in the end you are much more likely to use this with an HDMI enabled monitor anyway.

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Using HDMI you also get 5.1 digital audio with your video stream. If you are stuck with VGA all is not lost that is that the 3.5mm stereo jack on the side is for. There is also a MiniUSB port on the side that is not explained in any of the manuals included or available online.


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