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EA gives up on the use of licensed weapons in their games

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Electronic Arts has announced plans by which they will throw their weapons from licensed games, which will be reflected in their upcoming projects. This decision has nothing to do with the recent shootings and attempts to blame the video games for them.

Frank Gibeau of EA adds that their audience knows very well that this position is completely groundless and it presents the search for the culprit in a completely wrong place. It seems that EA is scared by initial legal action taken by Bell Helicopter as the latter claim that their helicopters were used in Battlefield series without permission.

Although it is not officially confirmed, if the matter ends up in court, it will be the first time that a company from the field of military industry is suing someone from the gaming industry. Depending on the outcome of this lawsuit we could expect an avalanche of similar lawsuits considering the amount of games from this genre.

[Ed - We are not surprised to see this as many games that strive for combat realism are pulling away from the use of "real" weapons in their game systems. Altough there is no established link between video games and violetn behavior there has been a back lash from the recent shootings and of course the argument over gun control in the US. It is not something that game companies want to have to deal with in the long run if they can avoid unwanted negative publicity. It is s shame really as the use of realistic modern weapons in a combat simulation is a good thing to be honest. Still we do live in a soceity that needs to blame everything esle before they look at the real root casues and that is parenting, mental health and personal responsibility. ]

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