Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H Review Part II - Performance Featured

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Overclocking –
Overclocking is one of the fun parts of testing motherboards and CPUs (well really almost every component…). As Intel has developed their CPUs and Chipsets overclocking has become easier to accomplish for even a novice. CPUs and motherboards are designed with considerable headroom to allow for extra voltage and to handle the increase in speed. Gigabyte has been making some excellent progress in providing overclocking performance. They have worked hard to build their boards with the right components and trace layouts. This means that there is less potential for performance loss at high speeds due to signal issues. Using the Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H we were able to hit a high point for our 4770K. We did not need to use too much voltage to get there which is always a good thing. You can check out the CPUz validation below.


Of course overclocking is a picky subject. I can buy to identical CPUs from the store and they will not always perform the same way under stress. This is the same with motherboards, RAM and GPUs.  So again it is important to keep in mind that our results represent a specific hardware configuration. Yours may be similar but will rarely be identical.

Overclocking Tools –
Gigabyte has made some changes to their overclocking tools and their application suite in general. They have moved away from the old UI and pushed into a much more modern and cleaner looking UI. The tools are a little updated as well. You can see the full suite in our video below.


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