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GTA V gameplay trailer

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The first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V revealed many details about the next chapter of the famous series. Rockstar has in the first place given a more detailed introduction of the three protagonists. It is a former bank robber Michael, that is fightining against the middle age crysis by returning to the old ways, ambitious African American Franklin and Trevor, which is easiest to describe as a total sociopath.

Players will be able to change characters on the fly during the mission depending on the situation in which they find themselves, and will have the opportunity to check what protagonists are doing when they are not under the control of the player, or at one of the missions. Definitely one of the most comprehensive novelty is the possibility of modification of stolen (or purchased) cars and motorcycles for which Rockstar promises even more than a thousand extras, among which include, for example armored glass and tires, thorough tuning of brakes or engines, and other modifications. There are also new mini games such as golf, tennis or, believe it or not, yoga. Players in Grand Theft Auto V will be even able to join the stock or real estate market and purchase shares. Other additions include the return of the attributes of the characters, diving, and a very interesting and comprehensive open world, which satirically covers most geographical areas of Southern California attractions.

Grand Theft Auto V is definitely one of the most anticipated games this year, for now it is officially confirmed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and should appear at the market on September 17.

You can see a game play trailer on their site

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