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Kingston's DataTraveler Elite 3.0 32GB Flash Drive Gets Run Through the Lab Featured

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The Kingston DataTraveler Elite 32GB -
The DataTraveler Elite is a fairly nice looking USB flash drive. It has a sort of fancy look to it that is eye appealing. However all of that seems to end when you pick it up. One of the people we had play with the DT Elite made the comment that it looked nice, but felt cheap. It is light and the outer shell is plastic which combine to give it that feel.
At the business end (there the USB 3.0 plug is) Kingston gave the DT Elite a retractable cover that slides back to reveal the USB 3.0 plug. This area has been given something of a granite look with the grey background and silver speckles. The product name is on the lower corner of the slide while the capacity is at the back end on a black flange that is intended to stop the sliding cover. There is also an eye for a leash to be attached here (there is a basic one included in the packaging).

dte02 dte03

It is a functional design, but not necessarily the best one we have played with. It is the same length as the older 32GB DT Ultimate, but is about half as thick. This will make the device easier to carry around and also means that instead of having four 4GB NAND Flash chips we are more likely seeing two 16GB chips here. We are imagining the controller in the DT Elite is also the same as the one used in the DT Ultimate (The Phison PS225-01-L) This is a very nice USB 3.0 controller and one that is sure to give us some good performance numbers when run on a decent USB 3.0 controller on your motherboard.


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