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Logitech presents washable keyboard

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Today Logitech presented K310, their first washable keyboard. If you have ever tried to clean your own keyboard then you will be happy to see that Logitech has finally taken a look at that part. Usually it's a real annoyance to clear your keyboard of all the rubbish that falls onto and into it. You have to pull out every button, wash every one of them separately, scrape sticky leftovers of your favorite cereals and be super careful with water or any type of cleansing liquid around electronic parts. 

With Logitech’s K310 maintaining your keyboard's hygiene should not be problem. You can put it in up to 30cm of water and scrub all the dirt you can find on it, only thing you will have to take care of is to detach USB connector. It is not recommended to dry it with hairdryer since it can cause damage to plastic due to overheating,  so you just need to let it to dry, there are even some drainage holes on the back that should speed up the process. Beside this neat feature, K310 is a standard 104/105-key USB PC keyboard, with switches rated at 5 million cycles. Button signs are printed by laser and have UV coating to make sure they remain untouched after washing.


Even though Logitech is not the first to make washable keyboard, it is first to make it look nice enough for standard users to buy it. Up until now most of those kind of keyboards were made for medical or industrial uses. It will be available at the end of month for only $40, so if you care about your hygiene a lot this may be a way to go.


[Ed – as mentioned in this article there is nothing new about washable keyboards at all. The concept goes way back into the 90s when the first all rubberized keyboards came out. These were due to the need to keep dust and other particles out. In the medical filed that concept was to prevent bacteria from hiding inside the components and under keys. Later the use of material that actually killed the bacteria on contact became popular instead of the common rubberized devices. This is what led them to become more consumer oriented and has also driven down the price. You can get spill proof and washable keyboards for as little as $20 in some cases so the K310 is actually a little more than many. We expect to see this also tech penetrate into the notebook and laptop space which is where it is sorely needed.]

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