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Logitech's new Solar Keyboard K750 puts some green in the lab Featured

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The K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard -
The K750 is long and VERY thin, it is only a .33 inched thick. The keys are the Chiclet style keys that are becoming more popular on laptops. This is actually one of the advertising features of the board Logitech states that it “almost feels like typing on your laptop”. This is partially true; while the keys have a very short throw they are a little more stiff and clunky than the average laptop keyboard.


Along the upper edge of the keyboard are two seven panel solar cells. These are well placed and also appear to be very high quality (although small in size). The cells are responsible for keeping the K750 charged and can even charge off of nothing but the light of your monitor (more on that later).

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All of the keys that you find on a typical keyboard are here with a few extras. One is the on/off button and the other is a button that starts up the Solar App utility that we will talk more about later as well.


Flipping the keyboard over we find two very thin and flimsy looking legs to give the K750 and angle for easier typing. I personally would not use these are they look like they would snap at the first really hard impact or if the keyboard was pushed too hard and the legs came into contact with something solid. There is also what appears to be a battery compartment. At least there is a tab here that has to be pulled before you can use the K750. However, we could not find a way to open this up without damaging the keyboard. In all the K750 is a well put together keyboard (with a couple of exceptions).

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