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Mark Cerny on PlayStation 4

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Mark Cerny, known as the creator of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro series as well as the chief architect of the PlayStation 4 has recently answered a few questions by fans. Among other things, he found that the work on hardware of the PlayStation 4 started in 2007, and that it was particularly intensified the next year. Cerny said that he was particularly pleased with the accessibility of hardware to the games developers, which is gave open road to a number of indie titles to arrive on PS4.

In addition to the PlayStation 4, Cerny spoked about Knack too, an action title that should appear as one of the first exclusive titles for the console itself. Knack actually targets two types of players, while the highest difficulty in the first instance intended to more experienced and demanding audience, and the easier difficulty which should  be appropriate for those who are seldomly in touch with video games.

A brief interview with Mark Cerny, where he discovers which genre of games he enjoys the most, and many other thing can be seen in the  attached youtube video.

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