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Microsoft to Bring Skype Video Messaging to Multiple Platforms

by on01 May 2013 1361 times

Microsoft earlier this year introduced the possibility of leaving a short video message via Skype. Interestingly, this functionality was only available on competing platforms - Mac, iOS and Android.

Leaving a video message will now be available on the Microsoft platform too, but the company is again not in a hurry, so that option is available only to users of the desktop version of Skype. The point is simple - while the person with whom you want to talk is offline, it is possible to record and send video that will be displayed next time user logs on to Skype. Video can be up to three minutes long and ordinary users without a subscription will be able to send 20 messages of this kind.

To try out the possibility of Skype Video Messaging, you need to download the beta version of Skype for Windows. Users of Skype for Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be able to view the messages sent to them, but now will not be able to record and send them to other users.

[Ed - Microsoft is also trying to bring Skype into to replace messenger which is still visible in the older hotmail websites (if you have not upgraded your account). We are not exactly sure why Microsoft wants this so badly considering that Skype security has taken a nose dive since Microsoft bought them. The more Microsoft moves into thie new area the more they appear to be opening themselves up to hackers and potential attacks. It is an interesting place they are putting themselves in.]

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Last modified on 01 May 2013
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