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Patriot's PBO Alpine HD Media Player Shows Us What It Can Do Featured

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The PBO Alpine –
Patriot’s PBO Alpine is a very small unit. Unlike previous models it is also housed in a plastic shell. We were a little surprised at this as it meant there was no chance for an internal drive. The front of the PBO Alpine has a power LED, an IR sensor, USB port and an SD Card slot.  The overall size of the PBO Alpine is very small which will allow it to fit easily onto a desk or entertainment center. You could even put it on the back of your TV (if it is large enough) with some double sided tape or Velcro. It is that light and small.

The back of the PBO Alpine has the power port, Ethernet port (Gbe) HDMI 1.4 port, a USB port and an audio out port that should be capable of at least giving you stereo sound if your monitor does not support HDMI audio or the speakers are just really bad.

We shot a video that covers the insides and also the flow of the OS in more detail. We did not include any footage of movie playback though in order to prevent a nasty letter from anyone or having the video removed from our YouTube Channel.  You can check out the video below or skip past it for now and read our thoughts on performance.


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