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The Corsair Vengeance 2000 is a circumaural wireless gaming headset. It features memory foam filled ear pads, as well as a fully adjustable microphone. The Vengeance 2000 also features 7.1 virtual surround sound. Read on to see if we were able to get realistic multi-channel gaming audio and have that play-for-hours comfort that wired Corsair audio products do so well at.

"Corsair wasn’t the first to make a wireless gaming headset, but they definitely did their homework when they designed the Vengeance 2000. Even after several hours of playing Battlefield 3, I was never uncomfortable or eager to remove the Vengeance 2000. The memory foam in the ear cups makes a huge difference when you’re going to be wearing something for an extended period of time..."

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The Prolimatech Genesis is said to be the first ever 'Super Cooler' for keeping your processor and motherboard components nice and cool. The Genesis is a twin tower cooler, but one tower is vertical and one is horizontal. The Prolimatech supports three 120 or 140mm fans to ensure everything has air moving around it! Join us as we see how this super cooler from Prolimatech holds up on our Intel LGA2011 test system with the mighty Intel Core i7-3960X processor.

"The Prolimatech Genesis is not your typical twin tower cooler as there is one vertical tower and one horizontal tower. The hybrid lay out allows the fans on the horizontal tower to act as a downdraft cooler and cool the RAM and motherboard components around the CPU. The vertical cooling tower looks like it should cool well as there are not many bends in the heatpipes, but the horizontal heatpipes have an 'S' bend in them. Usually the fewer bends you have the better, so we can't wait to test this monster out!"

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The Spire CoolGate 2011 universal CPU cooler is a towering direct contact heat-pipe solution based on the gate-duct airflow principle. The base has 4 direct touch heat-pipes that make direct contact with the CPU for better heat dissipation. Read on to see how this small CPU Cooler performs on our Intel Core i5-2500K powered test system to see if it is right for you.

"This was my first hands on experience with a Spire product, and I can comfortably say that this little cooler definitely surprised me. I’m really not sure what was more surprising though, the fact that the install took just about three minutes to complete, or that for such a small cooler it was able to keep up with one of the larger coolers that I’ve tested..."

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The Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Full Tower chassis is designed for enthusiasts that want a large case with all the bells and whistles. The Overseer RX-I has has a black exterior and interior with blue LED accents for a timeless look. Features of the case include USB 3.0 ports, tool-free hardware installation, a hard drive docking station and advanced cable management. Read on to see if this full tower case is right for you!

"One of the major things that separates the Overseer RX-1, is the amount of internal room of this chassis. Granted, I am using an older but still fairly large AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 video card with an Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU cooler on it, but trying to find a chassis that can easily handle this large video card configuration is darn near impossible. The Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 chassis not only handles this large card with ease, it makes this large video card look tiny once installed into this chassis..."

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- Sliding Gems and Slaying Beasts in 2013 -

Austin, TX – Independent developer Cube Roots and the devastatingly handsome gents of

Devolver Digital have announced a partnership to bring the puzzle/RPG hybrid Dungeon Hearts

to PC, Mac, and mobile devices in early 2013. Cube Roots’ debut game features a nostalgic

blend of classic RPG elements fused into a vibrant match-three puzzle game for a wholly unique experience.


  • Puzzle/RPG Hybrid – Align gems in the match-three puzzles system to wield devastating attacks and conjure powerful magic in a fast-paced adventure through a mystical world.
  • Limitless Adventure – Face a unique battle sequence with every new adventure and face off against a bestiary of dozens of creatures lurking around 16 unique environments.


  • Brimming with Secrets – Power-up through 99 character levels and unlock new heroes, special abilities, dungeons and even alternate soundtracks to create new scenarios in Dungeon Hearts.


“Dungeon Hearts has been a labor of love for a while now. As an indie it can be tough bringing

your project to a publisher for fear they are going to strip away the developer's personality from the final product,” said Cube Roots founder Chris Pavia. “It has been quite the opposite with the guys over at Devolver Digital, it's been great working with people who embrace the weird and quirky.”


The partnership on Dungeon Hearts is the result of the Devolver Digital’s “Pitch Fork Parker”

initiative launched at GDC 2012 and the first in a series of games signed by the publisher’s

extraordinarily unreserved executive.


“The original pitch was for Dungeon Hearts to be medieval brothel simulator,” claimed Fork

Parker, CFO of Devolver Digital. “I recommended we shift development towards the puzzle/RPG hybrid because medieval brothel simulators just don’t sell anymore.”


Visit and for Dungeon Hearts development news and follow designer Chris Pavia on Twitter via @Teknobabel.


Follow the ridiculousness of Devolver Digital on Twitter via @DevolverDigital and @ForkParker.

Start Ruling the InnerSphere This July: Piranha Games Inc. and Infinite Game Publishing Inc. Launch MechWarrior® Online™: OPERATION INCEPTION in North America

- MechWarrior Online Heads into Closed Beta Starting This Week; Details Unleashed for Gaining Early Access to the InnerSphere -

MONTREAL - May 22, 2012 - Calling all MechWarrior® fans! MechWarrior Online is heading into the first closed beta this week (fans can register now for a chance to gain access at and Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing have revealed how fans can obtain guaranteed early access this summer with OPERATION INCEPTION: an exclusive MechWarrior Online™ Founder’s Program that goes on sale June 19th.


OPERATION INCEPTION will offer die-hard fans of this beloved franchise valuable benefits including: in-game currency, a custom BattleMech™ (“ELITE” level only), up to a two-month free premium account, a permanent “Founder’s Tag” and more. OPERATION INCEPTION” gives fans a limited one-time chance to secure exclusive MechWarrior Online game content via two ranks:


$60 ELITE Founder's Package Includes:

  • Exclusive custom “Founder's BattleMech.” This Mech includes a lifetime, per-match C-Bill booster.
  • $80 value of in-game currency* for in-game item purchases.
  • Two-month premium account to MechWarrior Online at launch: Earn XP & C-Bills faster.
  • Founder's Tag - sets your status apart from the crowd & get noticed in-game and on the forums.
  • Early access to the game along with Founder's assets availability starts July 17th.

$30 VETERAN Founder's Package Includes:

  • $40 value of in-game currency* for in-game item purchases.
  • One-month premium account to MechWarrior Online at launch: Earn XP & C-Bills faster.
  • Founder's Tag - sets your status apart from the crowd & get noticed in-game and on the forums.
  • Early access to the game along with Founder’s assets availability starts July 17th.


OPERATION INCEPTION assets and early game access will be available for ELITE or VETERAN package players starting July 17th.


Reserve your pilot name at


*For in-game currency, Founders’ accounts will be credited beginning July 17th with a non-refundable amount of in-game currency equivalent to the retail cost set out in each package above ($40 value for VETERAN Founders, $80 value for ELITE Founders), and those credits may be used for in-game purchases of virtual items only. The closed beta and OPERATION INCEPTION assets will enjoy support only in North America. 



About MechWarrior Online
Set in the year 3049 during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, MechWarrior Online puts you in command of the most powerful war machine to ever walk the field of battle, the mighty BattleMech. Pilot your Mech and customize it to suit your preferred battlefield role; upgrade systems, weapons, and armor with endless options giving you creative control over your battle strategy as you face your next opponent. MechWarrior Online delivers a rich online experience, rewarding everything a player does with experience points, C-Bills, unlocks, and recognition. Upgrade skills and refine your role in gameplay using an all-new leveling system, and up-to-the minute detailed player statistics allow you to compare, track and share your progress with other players.


About Piranha Games Inc.
Piranha Games Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman. Piranha Games is focused on the core action games market and has worked on exciting IPs such as: Need For Speed® and Transformers® 2: Revenge of the Fallen.
Please join us at


About Infinite Game Publishing
IGP is a newly formed publisher of AAA online interactive entertainment. Formed by industry vets with a passion for great games, IGP’s leadership is driving online entertainment forward by partnering with best-in-breed developers to bring high-octane excitement to PC gamers everywhere. Official Web site:

Corsair Vengeance series laptop memory upgrade kits are designed to unlock the full performance potential from you notebook. We take the Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1866MHz CL10 memory kit and put it to the test in our ASUS N56VM notebook with Intel Core i7-3720QM quad-core Ivy Bridge processor! Read on to see how easy it is to install this memory kit and to see how it improves overall system performance.

"The Corsair Vengeance 8GB SODIMM memory kits are ideal for notebook users that often use heavy-duty applications like photo and video editing software or for those that play games. If your current notebook has 4GB or less memory, you will also see a benefit from one of these 8GB kits as you always want to have as much memory as possible for multitasking. When it comes to performance we saw some impressive performance gains in some benchmarks and the laptop felt faster when running applications and games. In Sandra 2012 SP4a we saw memory bandwidth jump up over 20% and this Intel Ivy Bridge laptop had 24.8 GB/s of memory bandwidth after the memory upgrade..."

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Designed for low profile cases, the slim ZALMAN CNPS8900 Extreme offers high performance cooling at a low noise level. This CPU cooler uses an ultra quiet 110mm PWM fan with two Direct Touch heatpipes that attach to aluminum fins to dissipate heat effectively away from your CPU. Read on to see how this direct touch heatpipe cooler performs on our Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge processor!

"The Zalman CNPS8900 Extreme performed very well even with a 4.0 GHz overclock on our Intel Core i5-2500K processor. It was only a few degrees shy of Corsair’s H50 liquid cooler and well outperformed the stock cooling solution from Intel. This product is listed under Zalman’s CNPS category for Case Noise Prevention System, however..."

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Today we are looking at the newest midtower chassis from Corsair, the Vengeance C70. The Vengeance line is made with gamers on the go in mind and the Vengeance C70 features handles, all steel construction, and military styling. Join us as we see what Corsair is bringing to the table with the Vengeance C70.

"I have been trying not to call the Vengeance C70 a “theme” case. There are several styling cues with the switches and handles that could make someone lean that way, but it is not over the top. Now, someone skilled with an air brush and little free time, the Vengeance C70 is a nice little starting point for nice custom case. I’m thinking of 1940’s era military plane nose art. Even the not so skilled painter with a couple rattle cans and few minutes could have a camouflage paint job on this case that looks great in no time flat...."

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AMD has been talking about their 2nd-Generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), codenamed “Trinity”, for well over a year. This week it shouldn't come to a surprise to any of our faithful readers that AMD has finally launched this new APU! Read on to see how the AMD A10-4600M processor performs against notebooks powered by the Intel Ivy Bridge processor and AMD Llano APU!

"After using the AMD Trinity reference notebook we found it to be a very satisfying experience. AMD's new Piledriver-based Trinity APU delivers where it needs to and that is all one can ask of a mainstream processor. Sure, we wish AMD processors had a little more x86 muscle for when we need to render a video or crunch numbers, but..."

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