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RIM is now Blackberry; Hires Alicia Keys to Help

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Research In Motion is a part of the past - the company no longer exists. In fact, it does exist, but it's no longer called like that. The new name is, simply, BlackBerry the new creative director of this company, for all worldwide markets is Alicia Keys!

This is news which provided RIM, sorry Blackberry, big media coverage of their project to revive the company from almost certain death; the presentation of a completely new mobile platform, called BlackBerry 10. The presentation was held in New York City, due to unusual news around dragging names and naming a new chief of creative department. In the coming days the IT world will be talking mainly about the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, the first smartphones that use the new platform.

Both devices look really great. Z10 has a 4.3 inch screen with a pixel density of 350 ppi, while the Q10 is made in the distinctive Blackberry style with a physical keyboard. However, what is particularly special is the new OS that these two devices bring. Quite different from the one before, one of the best features of BlackBerry 10 is that it brings genuine multitasking. BlackBerry 10 will start with almost 20,000 applications available, including the most popular ones, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Angry Birds and everything you love on your smartphone. If megastars like Alicia do not help them to rise from the bottom, it will be hard for anyone else to do it.

[Ed – of course this could simply help to accelerate things for RIM. The hiring of Lady Gaga by Polaroid did not help them much and we have to be honest, we cannot see Alicia Keys doing anything for RIM. It is fun to speculate who would, maybe Penn and Teller, Stephen Lynch or perhaps Denis Leary. Maybe hiring a comedian would at least give us a few laughs as the company formerly known as RIM continues its slide into the abyss…]

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