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Samsung gave up on Windows 8

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"The future belongs to Android" says the director of Samsung, J.K. Shin in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, in which he complained that the market demand for tablets with Microsoft's Windows 8 and RT are very poor, and it apparently applies to mobile phones with WindowsPhone operating system as well.

According to him, neither in Europe nor in the U.S. market this OS for portable device does not have much perspective, which is why the company gave up on launching their tablet Samsung Ativ in the U.S., but also in other markets.

This interview comes in the light of the data on the sale of 400,000 Surface Pro tablet according to Bloomberg statistics, and what is considered a relatively good result considering the very high price of tablets - $900 in the U.S.. Together with RT Surface devices, Microsoft has, according to the same source, sold 1.5 million tablets. Just for comparison, Apple in the quarter that finished with the end of last year sold 20 million iPads.


[Ed - This news is not shocking as there were a rather large number of manufacturers that had concerns about Microsoft's move with Windows 8 includiung RT and Windows Phone 8. These operating systems are exactly the oposite of what Microsoft has been rpeaching to the consumer for the last 15 years. Microsoft has fought Mac and others by claiming flexibility, control along with performance. What they have released with Windows 8 is none of that. It is an OS that is rather wastefull when you think about it. Sure it might be a little more efficient in terms of memory and task sceduling (2-5% more efficient), but when it comes to actual work flow it is terrible and rather locked down. Under Windows 8 even a simple messaging application is pushed out to take up your entire screen (or forces to snap to the left or right side of the screen). You also still have too many programs that require the desktop so you end up boucing between Metro and the Desktop to get things done, or you pay more for an App to bring the start button back. On top of that, even if you do bring the start button back you will find that all Metro Apps will still hog all of your desktop unless you snap them to the side and you will only be able to run two at a time... To put it bluntly Windows 8 is an OS that was not well planned and unless Microsoft does something major with SP1 it is likely to end up in the same room with Microsoft's other failed operating systems; Windows ME and Windows Vista. ]

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