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Samsung Might Buy the Company Behind Siri, Nuance

by on17 June 2014 2230 times

There is another rumor of a buy out on the net. This time the company up in the display window is Nuance. If you do not know who these guys are you at least know some of the products their technology is in. Nuance develops speech recognition and voice technology. They are in Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice products (they are in many others as well).

Now this is not the first time that a rumored buy out of Nuance has popped up in the radar. Last year Steve Wozniak actually claimed that Apple had already bought the firm. The rumor was quickly killed, but it did start people talking about what a deal like this would lead to.

As we all know Apple opted to buy Beats for their streaming music service (not really the terrible headphones) for a cool $3.2 Billion. Now the rumor is that Samsung has stepped up to the bargaining table with their checkbook out. This seems to be a logical choice for Samsung, if true. It would grant them access to a technology deeply embedded into their rival Apple’s products and allow them to expand on their own voice assistant.

Nuance had already bung to cozy up to Samsung when they announced a closer partnership to further develop S-Voice on Samsung mobile products. Analysts feel that with this cooperation and the losses that Nuance has shown in the past six quarters (yes 18 months) the company is ripe for a buyout.

I guess we will have to see if Samsung feels the technology and patent portfolio are worth their time and money.

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Last modified on 17 June 2014
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