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So long AppGratis

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AppGratis is an application that allows automatic retrieval of free applications on the AppStore and reportedly had 12 million users last year, and has earned areound $11 million to its owners. However, this will stop, because Apple removed it from the AppSotre due to alleged infringement of AppStore guidelines for applications. As the creators of AppGratis are French, on the occasion of this French Deputy Minister Fleur Pellerin decided to say something and argues that certain Internet companies are doing "constant bullying" and that she will ask the European Commission and member states to improve the regulation of digital platforms, search services and social networks .

France is quite openly waging war against American internet giants in particular because of their practice of avoiding paying taxes on income they earn in the country. At the beginning of the year Google had to pay 60 million euros to the state foundation for the French media that is designed to increase their presence on the Internet. The alternative was the legislation that would sought directly from Google to pay the media whose content is transmitted on the Internet as part of their search engine results.

Investigation about the tax evasion by Google has also been conducted since they do the financial calculation in their European headquarters in Ireland, where taxes are lower, and not where they really made profit.

[Ed - France could also be asking EU regulators to look more deeply into the way Apple does business in the EU. We are not sure how far the request will get, but we have a feeling that Apple will have a harder time in France for a little while.]

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Last modified on 21 April 2013
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