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SpexSec Popped Onto the Scene and... Just Like That, They Are Gone

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introThings can change just like that in the work of the online hacktivist. As the group SpexSec popped onto the scene and then… just like that they vanished saying they were leaving the hacking world to become a “whitehat”. Now many are left to wonder what in the world all of this is about. It is true that many groups start and then fade away, why the sudden launch onto the scene with three fairly sizable dumps and then after being pestered by someone called @HEX00010 two of the three members announce their retirement.

The whole thing started when HEX00010 (a former member of TeaMp0ison) slammed the group saying “meh f0rsaken dont make me tell the Gov who u really are , + Dont forget i recruited ur asses into TP :) me luit trick = we og
This started as back and forth between the new group and HEX, at times the arguments got pretty vocal with people doing some impressive name calling. Then out of the blue (about an hour ago as of this writing) .c0mrade (or someone) posted a pastbin claiming he was retiring from the hacking community and was going to become a whitehat. This was followed by one from Reckz0r (again or someone claiming to be Reckz0r) saying that he was also retiring from the hacking world and would become a whitehat.

The last tweet from SpexSec was simply “We're gone! Tada.”
Personally I do not believe the retirement pastebins. Given the taunting nature of the exchange between SpexSec and HEX I would say they are more of a way to poke fun at him. The way it all was done reminds me of a line in the movie “The Usual Suspects” : “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist… and like that… he was gone

So while SpexSec might be gone I think it is safe to say the threat of attacks on people that do not keep up with security is not. I highly doubt any of the listed members of SpexSec are retired and while we might not see those names pop up again anytime soon it is not uncommon for hackers to change their aliases to avoid law enforcement or others they might have an issue with.

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