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MAINGEAR02MAINGEAR has added a few new systems to their already impressive lineup. Apparently it is not enough for them to have one of the cleanest and bestselling vertical cooling systems with the SHIFT. Now MAINGEAR is moving into two smaller form factors. Starting todau 4/29/2012 MAINGEAR will be adding VRTX Cooling (Vertical Cooling) to the F131 and POTENZA lines.

ETIOnly a few weeks after we showed you the performance of the MAINGEAR Epic180 we have another product from MAINGEAR in the labs. This is their DIY thermal interface material called the MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 (yes it is a terminator reference). The EPIC T1000 is a phase change alloy that changes from a solid to a liquid when exposed to heat. This creates and flow that is capable of filling in any and all pores and lines in both the CPU heat spreader and the head of your cooler (whether it is water cooling, air or other). This, technically can beat even the smoothest thermal paste on the market in terms of fill and also should be able to outperform them in terms of thermal transfer as the head of your cooler and the CPU are almost soldered together for an even and continuous surface contact. So let’s take a look at what you get with this new DIY kit from MAINGEAR and also see if it really can improve performance.

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 18:43

MAINGEAR Epic180 Performance Review Part II

Cooler01Not all that long ago we talked to you about the MAINGEAR Epic180 water-cooling system. This self-contained unit was built by CoolIT to MAINGEAR’s specifications and intended for use inside their Shift systems (sorry you cannot get one of these unless you buy a MAINGEAR computer). The design of the product take a lot of factors into account and while some of the choices seem very simple, if you look at other products out on the market they might not be so obvious to everyone.

Cooler01In the world of boutique computer builders Maingear is a name that really does stand out.  Their Shift line of custom-built, high-performance systems are some of the best you can get on the market. The reason for this is that they are not content with using the stock hardware that you get in many other “custom” builds. Yes, there are going to be parts that are the same as Maingear does not make its own CPUs, Motherboards or Video cards… yet.  However many of the other components that are taken for granted have been customized not only to provide a better look, but also to improve the overall performance of the system.