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In the realm of throwing things at the wall to see if something sticks we can add RockStar games. RockStar games has been trying anything to fix the massive number of problems that have plagued the launch of their GTA Online game. The issues have gotten so bad that many are on the verge of simply walking away. After we reported about the continuing issue with the loss of progress in the game we received multiple reports of people losing high level characters even when the game engines were reporting as online. This is not a minor issue and it certainly is one that RockStar needs to fix.

Monday, 08 July 2013 20:33

New FEZ patch incoming


Polytron's Fez, which appeared on Xbox Live in 2012, in a very short period of time won hearts of many players with its simple and fun gameplay, but his reputation was tarnished because of the patch, which withdrew recorded progress of quite a lot players, forcing them do play the game all over again.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:22

Minecraft To Get An Update Soon


The newest major update for Minecraft on the PC is slated for October 24th, which is just around the corner! This update has been dubbed, in true end-of-October tradition, “The Pretty Scary Update”. If you are familiar with Minecraft, there are a number of features to this patch which make it very scary, especially if you have gotten used to monsters in the game being pushovers, and only dangerous en masse (with exception to the suicidal creeper, of course).