It’s a failure of imagination that will always get you
Published in Editorials

Back in 2007 or so I was asked to write a white paper on the subject of why Intel was able to pass AMD as quickly as they did. This is back in the AM2+ days when Intel was dropping Conroe on the world. Many people were surprised that Intel made this shift so quickly when you consider how badly AMD had beaten the P4. It was incorrectly assumed that AMD had reach a peak that Intel could not touch. Because of this they did not push their advantage. Instead they opted to move in a very different direction and purchase ATi for way more money than they should have. This one move started the long decline of AMD as we knew it. It was a massive strategic error and it all came down to one thing. A failure of management and stockholders’ to imagine that Intel could so easily blow past AMD’s performance lead. This type of failure can have catastrophic consequences in the business world and in security.