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Ubisoft desperately searching for someone to blame over AC Unity, but this one is all on them
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It seems that Ubisoft is trying to get out from under the stigma the bad launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity. After pushing what many are calling a half-baked game, they have made a few excuses and have also promised different patches to remedy the bugs including a day one patch that really did not do much to make things better. So what is Ubisoft pointing at now to remove blame from themselves? Well some of the choices are entertaining to say the least.

Ubisoft is under a lot of pressure since the launch of the Assassin’s Creed Unity. The game had a large number of bugs along with some rather disappointing performance to boot (30fps). In the days leading up to the launch Ubisoft attempted to tell everyone know that 30fps was more than enough and that it was in line with a cinematic experience. The number of articles making fun of these rather poor excuses was quite large and while trying to pass off a poor performing game as something wonderful is not unexpected it is still in rather poor taste if circumstances make it look like you might have done it on purpose.

Cisco updates IronPort to fix a bug in a protocol that should not be used anyway...
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If you are in the information security field then the latest “news” that Cisco fixed a flaw in a protocol that should not be used will probably give you a chuckle. I am talking about Telnet which is not exactly what you would call a secure means of communicating with any device. In most cases Telnet is one of those options that you turn off right out of the box. Still it is nice to know that Cisco is patching it.

EVGA has been taking flak from consumers over an unusual design for the cooler on their GTX 970 ACZ graphics card. The problem arose when someone pointed out that the GPU does not make contact with all three heatpipes. According to EVGA this is the way the card was designed so everyone should calm down and get back to gaming.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:08

Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 an hour after it launches

Although there is enough news about the new iPhones and iOS8 already we thought we would finally chime in since there are now around six separate stories about the new device from Apple. We are seeing everything from high cellular usage to the phones bending in someone’s pocket. Apple, to their credit actually rushed out a fix for many of these issues… sadly the fix appears to make things worse.

Microsoft is joining the ranks of Symantec and McAfee in a very special group. This is a group of companies whose anti-malware products can be/have been attacked directly. According to a security update Microsoft says that a specifically crafted file can stop the service from working until manually removed.

Friday, 03 January 2014 23:13

Snapchat security flaws exposed

After last week experts from Gibson Security found security holes in the application Snapchat, on the internet appeared web page under a name SnapchatDB! where there is allegedly database with usernames of Snapchat users and their associated phone numbers.

We have been covering the issues with GTA Online since they were first reported. Many of these issues appear to have been due to the services not being ready for general availability. Rockstar’s in ability to quickly find a fix ended up creating a rift between them and their customers. Simply put a game development company cannot react to the type of issues that we saw with GTA Online. Fortunately there is something of a happy ending to all of this.


Yesterday we reported on a breach in Apple’s developer portal. This breach appears to have happened over the course of about three days and resulted in Apple pulling the entire system offline for redesign. At the time of the article (which can be found here) no one had claimed responsibility Apple had not pointed the finger at anyone. Now it seems that a Turkish security researcher is claiming responsibility for the hack, but is saying that he was only looking for bugs in the system to show Apple that the portal was leaking user data.

Monday, 22 October 2012 20:34

Android: Texts from the Future!??


Android users have a lot to be happy about. Despite all the awesome that is Android, there are the occasional bumps in the road. One of the more hilarious of these problems is the tendency for Android phones to display incorrect timestamps on text messages under certain conditions. Sometimes, it can appear as if your friend has texted you from several hours in the future. Sometimes in the past.