In the gaming world there are few things as annoying as not having the right tools to keep up in your favorite game. Just ask any gamer about trying to play with a bad internet or LAN connection, or a slow keyboard or a buggy mouse and you will get an earful. Because of this an entire new industry sprang up a few years ago just to address this. This is the eSports industry and it is a monster. Right now we have a ton of items that are listed as “for gamers”, but the question is: what is really a gaming peripheral and what is not. In most people’s minds a gaming peripheral should be high-end in terms of performance and build quality. It should have features that benefit gaming in multiple ways while having a sense of style and customization. Today we check out a peripheral from Genius named DeathTaker that is allegedly meant just for gaming. Let’s find out if it really deserves the name.


In a market full of look-a-like products or flimsy gimmicks it is hard to find a truly interesting device. However, every now and then someone puts something together that is really out of the ordinary. This is what we found when we received a small package from Thermaltake in the mail the other day. Inside the slightly battered box was one of the most interesting gaming peripherals we have ever tested. We are talking about the Level 10 Mouse. This unusual aluminum creation was designed by BMW and using specifications from Thermaltake’s tteSports division. This $90+ dollar mouse comes in a variety of colors and has some impressive features to offer. So let’s see if this unusual design really brings something new to the gaming table or if it is all flash and show.


Although many think that the dangers of bills such as SOPA and PIPA are dead and gone they are not. In fact far from it and to make matters worse the ISPs are now getting in on the action and playing a role that they were never intended to. To add insult to injury these same ISPs are complaining about the government trying to control them by regulating how they can treat traffic on their networks. Yet we have word from one of our sources that Time Warner is conducting random scans for certain traffic profiles. These scans are looking for certain protocols, file sizes and file types. If they find something that gives a return… well things get a little uglier from there.

News_manstealingdataThis morning as a powered up the systems I use to get on the internet and research the day’s articles I found that I was not able to get anywhere although everything appeared to be working the way it should. My Cable modem was working, my edge firewall had an valid IP address, and DNS all looked ok. Still no traffic was being routed out. I flushed the IP address and DNS resolvers internally and externally to no avail. Finally I power cycled the modem, after an unusually long period of time the modem came back up, but with an IP address that was nothing like the ones I have be receiving from RoadRunner for the past several years. It was not even close to the same subnet.

animal_farm-pigsAfter both SOPA and PIPA were publicly shelved the US government did what it always does. It finds a way to do what it wants, but by hiding it in other bills or (as is becoming more common) using trade agreements to by-pass laws altogether. This is exactly what we are seeing with ACTA and TPP. These two trade agreements are probably some of the most dangerous bits of work that we have read about in a very long time.

Saturday, 11 February 2012 08:27

Iran continues to block sites on the Internet

censorship-InternetAs we told you yesterday the government in Iran is working very hard to block connections to social networks and even email services. They have gone so far as to block the use of the SSL and TLS protocols  (Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security) which will block most email services with the exception of basic IMAP and POP3 mail. As of late last night it appears that they have moved into a second phase of restriction. We are hearing that they are now blocking certain sties by IP and domain name.

broken-lockRecent events in Washington have caused quite a stir on the internet as a very oppressive bill is working its way through the legislative branch of the US government. We have talked about this bill and its dangerous consequences more than once but with the release of some new information and after a few questions that we were recently asked we are going to approach it again. First let’s give you a little background as we show you how the US will be if the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is passed.