Monday, 01 April 2013 08:38

Unreal Engine 4 by Epic


Epic's latest Unreal Engine 4 intended for gamers around the world on all platforms, from PCs through to the latest generation of consoles should bring superior graphics, the latest effects, even more realistic physics and lots of explosions, smoke and flashes of colors, and will raise the level of technical quality games for one step.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 20:51

Battlefield 4 preorders started


DICE in Stockholm on Tuesday unveiled Battlefield 4, revealing some interesting details about the new game in this mega popular series and promised even better and more impressive experience of virtual warfare. After the launch game will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which comes as a surprise since the new generation of consoles at the door.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 06:23

Leaked info on Battlefield 4

battlefield 4

On forums information about Battlefield 4 have emerged which should be officially unveiled later this month at GDC. Information is supposedly pulled from the April issue of the magazine Edge, which is supposed to be found in the distribution immediately after release.

Monday, 11 February 2013 06:16

Crytek preparing free to play title


Cevat Yerli from Crytek, in a recent interview, revealed that they intend to fully switch to free-to-play titles. Yerli is hoping that Crytek will begin to rely on the free-to-play billing model in two to five years. [This is something that many companies are considering to create a more stable revenue stream – Ed]

moh mapbug

Imagine how bad MOH Warfighter would be if they did not have valuable advice from a couple of U.S. Navy SEAL's during the game development. I cannot, but their superiors believe that the Navy would be better if they never contacted Electronic Arts. Specifically, the seven members, some of them ex, some still active members of the naval elite Special Forces were fined for revealing military secrets to the development studio that made MOH: Warfighter.

Sunday, 28 October 2012 13:22

Dishonored Quick and Simple Review


The Empress is dead, her daughter has been taken and a deadly and mysterious plague is slowly consuming the city. As the Empress’ protector it was your job to keep her and her daughter safe, but you stand accused of her murder. It is up to you to find the Empresse’ daughter and bring her killers to justice. The only problem is that you must become an assassin and use dark powers to accomplish your goal. If this sounds like a bad movie or book then you are not far off the mark, but while this type plot might be the makings of a flop in the box office it is great for a video game and that is what you get from Bethesda in this new and dark game from them. The question is; can Bethesda make this new game based on the Unreal Engine work or is it fated to end up like its title?

News Gordon Freeman-1776

Almost 14 years ago the gaming world was introduced to a new hero. He was not a former covert agent, Special Forces operative or even an ex-cop with an attitude. Instead he was a Doctor of Theoretical Physics from MIT who was in the probationary period of this job. This hero’s name was Gordon Freeman.  Freeman had just been hired at a highly secret government research facility called Black Mesa and despite his advanced degree was only being used to perform menial tasks. After surviving an catastrophic accident (the resonance cascade) he has to put his brains to use in not only finding a way out the quickly deteriorating Black Mesa, but in closing a portal that he helped to open which was allowing alien monsters to spill out onto earth. This sums up the amazing game that we all know as Half Life.

doom3-intAh the sweet sounds of DOOM. The classic first person shooter that, when combined with Castle Wolfenstein, kicked off a completely new genre of gaming, the First Person Shooter. In Doom you take on the role of a Space Marine on Mars (sent there because you hit your CO). Mars is a terribly boring place until some of the secret experiments go horribly wrong and demons begin pouring out of the artificial gates that were created. After heading to Phobos to investigate the goings on there you are left as the only person still alive (or not possessed) and must fight your way through the invading hordes.

saphira02As we expand our coverage from core computer products to peripherals (and in the end everything else) we are moving into gaming first. We have already tested out more than a few mechanical gaming keyboards (and have more to come). Now we are moving into gaming mice with an emphasis on mice that allow for more than just high-resolution lasers for optics. For our second product in this genre we are going to take a deep look at Thermaltake’s Tt eSports Saphira Gaming mouse. This mouse was designed by a professional Starcraft 2 gamer and packs in a solid list of features. Let’s check it out shall we?

Bioshock-infinite-logoIn more software news it looks like the eagerly anticipate release of Bioshock Infinite is going to be pushed back a few months. Originally the game was meant to launch in October, but now has been pushed back to late February 2013. This delay has gotten some annoyed while others appear to welcome it, if it means a better game.