GTA online is back in the news again as a recent update has reduced the payout for replayed missions. The move was an odd one considering the bad press they received many issues in the recent past. The move has caused more than one strongly worded comment to be posted on their support page as players do not understand why they are being penalized for wanting to play missions over again.

We have been covering the issues with GTA Online since they were first reported. Many of these issues appear to have been due to the services not being ready for general availability. Rockstar’s in ability to quickly find a fix ended up creating a rift between them and their customers. Simply put a game development company cannot react to the type of issues that we saw with GTA Online. Fortunately there is something of a happy ending to all of this.

RockStar Games cannot seem to fix the lost character issue in GTA Online...
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There is nothing like working hard in a game only to find all of your progress lost after you exit and reenter the game. This is where many players of the GTA Online game are finding themselves after the launch of the online extension of the popular game. The situation seems fairly straight forward; a player exists the game and when they return they either find missing progress or their character is simply missing. What is missing (other than the player) is the why in this issue. RockStar games has been working on a fix since the launch of the game with almost daily patches and updates.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 19:44

Microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online


Next month we can expect the release of the Grand Theft Auto Online, and some individuals were able to came up with some interesting findings  while looking into Grand Theft Auto V folders. In fact, it seems that the network component of the aforementioned title will support the purchase of virtual money in four categories, from 100,000 to 1.25 million dollars, virtual ones of course.