Thursday, 19 September 2013 20:22

Google wants to slow down the human aging process


Google is known for innovation and continuous expansion of business into new, sometimes unexpected markets. This time they managed once again to surprise the world with their move. The company will invest in the health industry. Calico is the name of the company, which was founded for this purpose, and will focus primarily on the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the elderly.

Angel Health

The smartwatch is the device that everyone wants to make and that many people are already planning to purchase. This is not surprising as there has been quite a bit of news about them in the recent past (despite this being an old concept). Samsung, Apple, and others are pushing out their smart watches as companion devices and, in the case of Samsung, in conjunction with new phones. However the big boys are not the only ones entering the market. Guidertech, a Taiwanese company, is planning to build a smartwatch aimed at the healthcare market.