The ADATA DashDrive Air AE400 Stops by the Lab
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There is no doubt that the mobile market has gotten huge. Everyone is building devices to enable, extend, accessorize, and maximize the mobile experience. Mobile data usage (which really means media consumption) has gone through the roof. What is interesting about the usage numbers is that they are not all 3/4G in most cases the data is flying over public or private Wi-Fi networks. This has opened up a market for a new class of device and as you might imagine manufacturers have stepping into fill this need. The first generation was all about getting the media to your device, but was limited in a couple of ways; you could not expand the memory and also there was no way to prevent battery drain on the device you were using to access the media. This is where the second generation comes in; devices with media ports instead of fixed memory and also the ability to charge your mobile device. Today we are taking a look at the ADATA DashDrive Air AE400; let’s see what it brings to the table.

win8logoredesignedSo Microsoft is on a push to get out as much information as they can about Windows 8. This new operating system represents a massive change for Microsoft and not just in the way the new OS will function, but also in the manner they are interacting with the public. This is evident in almost everything they are doing, from the building Windows 8 Blog to the public statements, demos and interviews that are happening frequently.

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Well looks like we were close to the mark with our comments this morning about a Facephone. If you remember we had talked about the rumors that continually popup about this legendary device and some of the “indicators” that have had analysts and journalists even claiming to know when one would launch. So far we have heard everything from it will be Nokia/Microsoft effort to an HTC/Android product. The problem was that most guesses about this were based on the simple fact that Facebook hired people from Apple and Palm. What they did not do was really look at what those people did and what they are doing at Facebook.

"NSA Proof" iOS 8 claims... We have heard them before...
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Apple is truly ramping up the PR machine and has even managed to get a few people in government to make some rather outrageous statements on the new phone and iOS 8. One of the new stories going around is about how the new iPhone and iOS8 are suddenly “NSA Proof” because they have added data encryption. The fallacy of this claim is almost beyond belief and shows once again that most in the technical press have absolutely no memory.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 06:03

Instagram on Windows Phone 8

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It looks like we will have the Instagram app on new Windows Phone 8 devices. The Famous Photo editing and sharing application has recently been purchased by Facebook and this is could be a sign that they are keeping their independency. The app is available for both Android and iOS for free currently and according to multiple sources it should be coming to new the Windows platform by the end of the year. The interesting thing is that the app is apparently produced by Microsoft. The main reason for it is that the Instagram team doesn’t feel that their time and work is worth producing app for this struggling mobile OS.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 23:19

Google Currents Stumbles in its Infancy

P20111214224724Ok, so everyone knows that Google has launched a competing product to the very popular Flipboard. This software is a newsstand application that allows a user to follow their favorite publications in a magazine style format. It is a very slick application and very quick to pick up changes as they happen. We were fortunate to be in the second round of sites to get added to this app (through several emails) and have a few followers that are entirely Flipboard based (according to the numbers). The problem is that Flipboard is iOS only. There is no version for Android despite the publisher’s stating that they would release one.

Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 an hour after it launches
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:08

Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 an hour after it launches

Although there is enough news about the new iPhones and iOS8 already we thought we would finally chime in since there are now around six separate stories about the new device from Apple. We are seeing everything from high cellular usage to the phones bending in someone’s pocket. Apple, to their credit actually rushed out a fix for many of these issues… sadly the fix appears to make things worse.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 06:41

New update for Apple TV

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Yesterday Apple released iOS 5.1 for Apple TV. It brought few new things but nothing spectacular. The most noticeable is custom network configurations that can be set up by the Apple configurator. This application allows a user to configure and control multiple iOS devices they have in household. The latest update brings some new features beside the usual stability and performance fixes, so users will now be able to save multiple iTunes accounts and switch between them. Also Apple has added support for Shared Photo Streams and AirPlay broadcasting from Apple TV to all other devices.

despdIn a recent article I published about Apple being nervous over Windows 8 I made the statement that Apple has never released a developer preview like this before and also that Apple does not do public Betas. Both of these statements were read incorrectly and the flood of comments from Apple fans came in. There were lists of the times that Apple has pushed out Developer Previews as well as a list of the times they have released betas to the public. It has been entertaining, but I think we need some clarification on these two items and also why Apple is nervous about Windows 8.

14621rotten_appleSteve Wozniak is back in the news again and talking about Apple’s products this time he is complaining about Siri. It seems that he feels Apple messed up the service when they purchased it and tried to make it their own. In an interview Wozniak is actually quoted as saying “A lot of people say Siri. I say poo-poo”