Right now the going rumor is that Apple will unveil the world’s first true smart watch on September 9th (yes sarcasm). Just exactly what this new product will do has many blogs up all night in a lather of love for Apple. These sites comb through patent filings, rumors and even developer code to see if they can be the first to identify what Apple will really do when they finally get around to joining the rest of the world with a wearable product.

Well, with all of the news about Apple’s next round of products we thought we would chime in with our take on this. Warning Apple fans the following article is not based on analyst WAGs (wild ass guesses), but on information that is available publicly and, well through other means. Right now far too many analyst firms are looking to bolster their portfolios by talking up products from Apple that do not even have firm or realistic specifications attached to them. We are talking about Apple’s rumored iWatch, 12.9-inch iPad and large screen iPhone. All three of these are rumored to hit the market in September as Apple tried to catch up to the rest of the world and offer the same style of product that is already out there.

So Apple could finally be entering the Smartwach fray this year. At least that is the current rumor and push from Analysts. If this is true it will be a big deal for both Apple and Tim Cook as this will be the first new product type since the introduction of the iPad. Tim Cook has even more riding on this than Apple does as it will be a make or break deal for him to show that he is capable of leading Apple into new markets and not just refreshing the same devices over and over.

Prompt reaction from Nike to deny rumors about abandoning FuelBand
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A few days ago news were released that Nike has fired 55 of the 70 employees who are responsible for developing FuelBand, and that the company is even thinking about putting out a full production.

Conflicting information coming from the company Nike, concerning the further development of their smart sports bracelets FuelBand. At the beginning of last week they announced the expansion of business and the launch of a separate drive for the development of this device in San Francisco. Additionally they announced the partnership with companies from the sectors of fitness, such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava, and the expansion of the FuelBand availability in cooperation with these related companies.

Sources close to the producers of components for Apple devices have stated that the company will begin selling its long-awaited smart watch during the third quarter of this year. For this period they are already preparing large orders, so the manufacturers are warming to begin production.

Analysts claiming an estimated $17.5 billion in revenue per year from the iWatch
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Apple's smart watch about which we have heard a ton of rumors could in the first year bring the company revenues of 17.5 billion dollars, according to analysts from the company Morgan Stanley.

As reported by the media who follow Apple, the company has plans to redefine the way we look at sports and fitness. It will supposedly make it through iOS 8 and iWatch.

Apple 's smart watch, or simply iWatch is a product whose release is expected for a long time now, and in the meantime it got a fairly large number of competitors. The long-awaited presentation still has not happened , and the reason are not marketing games from Cupertino, but something completely different . The Information Portal has reported that Apple has certain problems in the production of the mentoned device iWatch.


Apple in Japan recently requested a claim to the name (trademark) iWatch, which could represent a sign that his smart watch approaches it's final stage of production. But looks like the team from Cupertino will not create their smart watch and give it a name iWatch as easy as it was expected, because the trademark in some areas is already protected by other companies.