In America they just summarized sales figures of new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C after the end of the first weekend, during which they are available in stores. We should keep in mind that device were available only in a few countries in the world and, of course, Apple is happy to praise the results.


There is one thing that is certain in the consumer electronics world, if you can lock it … someone can unlock it. Now there is something of an extension to this that says that as soon as a product is launched someone will find a flaw in it. We have already seen that someone found a flaw in the control center that allows access to quite a bit of data. Now there are people out there that will do this as a hobby without payment so what do you think happens when someone offers money to this group of individuals?


It seems that Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system was shipped with a major flaw disguised as a feature. Shortly after the launch of iOS 7 there were the usual reports of bricked phones, problems reactivating the phone once it was installed etc. Most of these are common and more often than not can be traced to user software that is installed including many of the newer mobile device management applications that are in use. However when reports (and videos) started popping up showing how to bypass the lock screen without a password things were not so normal.

Thursday, 19 September 2013 20:02

Redesigned apps for the new iOS


After they completely redesigned interface of the new iOS 7, Apple has done the same with web service iCloud. The first change you'll notice when visiting the website is the new login screen through which you are applying for service.