Thursday, 19 September 2013 20:22

Google wants to slow down the human aging process


Google is known for innovation and continuous expansion of business into new, sometimes unexpected markets. This time they managed once again to surprise the world with their move. The company will invest in the health industry. Calico is the name of the company, which was founded for this purpose, and will focus primarily on the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the elderly.

Monday, 15 July 2013 21:42

First medical tricorder by Scanadu


Scientists, doctors and engineers from the American company Scanadu at the IndieGoGo website published Scanadu Scout project, which they say, is "the first medical diagnostic tricorder." Once they have published their project on the famous "crowdsourcing" website, they sought investment in the amount of $100,000. On this day, six days before the end of their campaign, the project has collected over $1,470,000, which is more than enough to bring it to market, where it will be sold at a price of $200.

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 21:34

Chip that can detect cancer


Miniature system-on-chip called CTC-iChip System which is created by the researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital is capable to find even a single cell of any cancer in the bloodstream from the blood test. Problem with these individual tumor cells is that sometimes just one among the billions of blood cells is may stop anywhere in the body and start to produce metastases. Using this chip doctors are able to very fast detect, because of early detection treat these cells with smaller financial backup. This should all happen prior to metastasis, and therefore make the treatment more sucessful.