animal farm-pigsWe have been critical of Judge Lucy Koh for seemingly biased views towards Apple in many of the patent cases that have crossed her bench. Most recently we were appalled to see her go from a stance of not enough evidence of irreparable harm to a full preliminary ban on sales of the Galaxy Tab. This has prompted more than one person to complain and also to question her ability to properly discharge her duties. Apparently more than a few people are feeling the same way as a petition to have her “impeached” and removed from her position.

14621rotten_appleWow our patent system is truly messed up in the US. It seems that the US Patent office again has granted a patent to Apple despite CLEAR EVIDENCE of existing prior art. What is going on in that office? The patent that was uncovered today is patent number 8,207,906 and on the surface covers a docking station that provides wireless charging AND a reradiative antenna for boosting wireless signals. However the last line of the patent application makes it clear that Apple is looking to other items. “In other examples, passive coupling is used to charge a rechargeable battery in the handheld device”