Ouch, Six New Bugs Found in OpenSSL
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Thursday, 05 June 2014 16:14

Ouch, Six New Bugs Found in OpenSSL

After taking a pretty big hit from the HeartBleed bug OpenSSL I back in the new for an additional six bugs that put user data at risk. Security researchers have discovered a number of additional bugs in OpenSSl that can be used to allow malicious persons to spy on communication. Fortunately for the masses (about two thirds of internet sites use OpenSSL) these new bugs are not as easy to exploit as Heartbleed was.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:57

Can the Internet ever really be secure?

broken-lockThe internet is not a safe and secure place (I know this is a HUGE surprise to everyone), but many do not know just how insecure the system is and how continued legislation to “make it more secure” is actually hurting. Although we could write a small novel about the dangers of allowing corporate interests and government officials who have no working knowledge of how the internet works to change things, we will concentrate on one issue here and one that many people do not even know is broken.