Cyber Sex in the… well really anywhere you want now with VR and connected devices.
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The “adult toy” has been around for a very, very long time. They have examples of them going back to the Egyptians and earlier. For thousands of years they were pretty much the same with a few add-ons to make them a little more fun. All of that changed in the 20th century when electronics got smaller along with motors and other items. In the 21st century the addition of small personal area networks and the connected device brought a whole new game to this multi-million dollar industry.

The Brewie auotmated brewing machine is a standout connected device for 2016
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2016 is going to be a year where the connected device really explodes. We thought that IoT (Internet of Things) was bad in 2015, well that is just peanuts compared to what we are going to see in 2016. Everything from lightbulbs to sex toys are going to connect to something for remote control. We took a look at a sampling of products shown off at CES 2016 and will be covering them in a little more detail. We have already looked at some of the better connected adult toys and are now going to take a look at the adult beverage side of things.

A couple of days ago Apple formally announced their Apple watch product along with specifications and pricing. The majority of the press and market analysts have been in a frenzy since the announcement and have tried to act like this product is more than a late comer to an already large vertical. According to people that were present at the event the announcement was met with very little excitement and the applause that happened for the Apple watch was very limited.

In any technology based company there is a need for strong leadership. The problem comes in finding the right person to take the role of leader. We have seen how much of an impact the right and wrong choices can make in companies like Apple and AMD. As current CEO Rory Read prepares to step down we are taking a look at AMD and their leadership over the years. With AMD they have fought the battle of leaders ever since the tenure of Hector Ruiz. Ruiz is possibly one of the most universally disliked CEOs that AMD has ever had. Most will put AMD’s current situation squarely in his lap.

Over the years Apple has surprised the world by taking old tech, optimizing it and then pushing out to the world as their own. They can do this thanks to having one of the best marketing teams in the world and until recently having a leader that believed his own legends. This has led to a string of patents that are built in the ideas and often inventions of others. To say that the US Patent and Trademark Office simply rubber stamps these is an understatement. In some cases there is no way that they could not know that the patent in question was covered in prior art.

Yesterday at the HP Discover event a new concept device was shown off called the Machine. The Machine is an interesting concept that uses a number of existing technologies to deal with the massive influx of data from all of the connected devices we have now and will have in the future. To accomplish this HP envisions a devices that is unlike any of the traditional server offerings on the market today.

If you were getting worried about the fact that Apple has not published another patent in a last few weeks, fear not, because they have done just that. This week the U.S. Patent Office published two patent applications submitted in October 2012, which relate to unlocking system of iPhone and iPad devices through gestures.

Sunday, 30 March 2014 21:49

Samsung introduces Smart Bulb

Philips is one of the pioneers of the smart bulb market, but with accelerated pace other big names are arriving on the scene. Earlier, Nokia announced entry into this market, and now Samsung decided to join.

Apple has submitted a request for two new patents that based on collected information to automatically adjust battery consumption. Apple's iPhone will continue to monitor your habits when you use the phone, when you use it the most, and when it is idle. Also it will monitor when you charge it and how long do you do it, do you only cherge it when the battery is low, or hold it connected to the charger all day because there's a socket.


These days, the world's largest spy agency CIA publicly released the 400-page document on the mystical area located in the Nevada desert about 50 miles from Las Vegas, known as the Area 51. All hunters of flying saucers, aliens and Tesla electromagnetic weapons that can destroy the whole continent will likely be disappointed by the realization that base Area 51 was not a place where the alien autopsy took place, nor there were any alien spaceships, and no super weapons that can destroy the whole world in one click.