steve_ballmer_apple_tabletYou would think today was a slow news day as we see people reporting on something we talked about almost a month ago (well really more than that). It seems that people are waking up from the haze of all of the news about Windows on ARM (Windows RT) and starting to realize that x86/64 tablets are going to be much, much more attractive to both consumers, businesses and both manufacturers and developers.

i_heart_apu_stackedIt looks like AMD is putting some of the money they have been working to reclaim to good use (although we are not sure if this is the best time to do it). To help raise sales numbers of their APUs they have signed a deal with GameFly which gives a 30-day free membership and 20% of purchases. The move is a pretty smart one as we imagine the costs involved for AMD are small while the benefit could be pretty big especially in the mobile gaming arena.

i_heart_apu_stackedAMD has some sun in its future after a very disappointing quarterly announcement. It seems that Trinity and Brazos 2.0 are already in the channel which means we should see products with these two APUs in them very soon (as soon as May 15th by some reports). AMD’s APUs have been a solid seller for AMD while many of their more regular desktop CPUs are left on the shelves. We covered some of the new features in Trinity while we were at CES this year and we can say that for a low power processor they have some pretty solid performance.