Monday, 12 May 2014 06:52

New Unreal Tournament in preparation

Epic Games has confirmed that they are currently working on a new Unreal Tournament game. The whole thing is in preparation for PC, Mac and Linux, and the game itself and all additional upgrades should be totally free, and should not include microtransactions.

Monday, 01 April 2013 08:38

Unreal Engine 4 by Epic


Epic's latest Unreal Engine 4 intended for gamers around the world on all platforms, from PCs through to the latest generation of consoles should bring superior graphics, the latest effects, even more realistic physics and lots of explosions, smoke and flashes of colors, and will raise the level of technical quality games for one step.

epicAs we have told you very recently it is looking more and more like game companies are looking to head to online services to bolster their profits. We have heard rumors that Crytek is looking to move to the online only “free to play” model and now we hear something that might push another company into that market as well. This time the move is from a slightly different perspective and in a different market.