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The Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Hits Our Lab With Force... Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The box that the Level 10M comes in is only recognizable as a mouse box because of the images (and the word “mouse” on it}. Other than that my first thought was that it was a more extravagant electronic device. Still Thermaltake made sure that you would not mistake this for anything else. On the front you have a good side picture of the Level 10M as well as a few icons that show off some of the feature that you are getting. As the model we received is “military green” our box was green as well, Thermaltake is shipping these in matching color boxes which is a nice touch.


The sides of the box contain the story behind the Level 10M as well the reasons why Thermaltake made it in the first place. To summarize (you can read the whole thing in the images bellow), Thermaltake wanted to make a mouse that was stylish, functional and could be tailored to each individual easily.

box02 box03

Moving to the back of the box you get a repeat of the features shown on the front, but this time you have color pictures to give you a better visual representation of each.
After we were through with our walk around of the Level 10M box we pulled off the outer shell and took a look at the actual box that the Level 10 M comes in. Surprisingly this box opened in the middle to expose the Level 10M nestled inside. This style of packaging completed the impression that we had that this was something special and not your run-of-the-mill mouse.

After you pull out the Level 10 M you can see all of the goodies that Thermaltake included. You get a neoprene pouch to carry the Level 10 M around in (if you chose to do so), you get a packet that includes warranty information, the drivers CD-ROM and three post cards so you can brag to your friends the old fashioned way. Although these are a tongue-in-cheek addition we are pretty sure that when your Level 10M arrives you will waste no time posting about it on Facebook etc. (we did…).

box06 box07

There is also another item that at first glance looks like an adapter to inflate a football. This is actually a hex-head driver so that you can adjust your Level 10M to suit your hand. We will talk more about that later.

Of course the most important item in the box is the Level 10M… so let’s get started on that.

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