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Thermaltake tt eSports Level 10M Hybrid Gaming Mouse Review Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
Although most people do not purchase products in the store these days packaging is an important part of any product. Even if the first time you see your new purchase is when you get it in the post you can get a lot of information about product quality by the effort put into the box. Thermaltake has learned this with their top end products and has gone the extra mile with their packaging.

Level10M-H-0449 Level10M-H-0450 Level10M-H-0451

The front of the Level 10M Hybrid mouse is interesting. It has a very “game” look to it. The clear window surrounded by the red outline brings images of Cyrsis to mind. Right away the impression is that this is a mouse for gaming. TT also threw in some basic marketing just to be sure the message is hammered home. Of course TT also wants to make sure you know that the Level 10M is a mouse that makes a statement visually. The tag line below the mouse is simply “born to be seen” and like its older brother it certainly is a very unique looking mouse.

Flipping around to the back again we are reminded of in-game graphics with the technical drawing of the Level 10M. It is a subtle, but impressive effect which when combined with the story (pronounce that legend) of the Level 10 adds up pretty quickly. Thermaltake is building a mythology around the level 10M in a very smart way.

Inside the outer shell is a very sturdy inner box that holds the Level 10M and all of the goodies that go with it.

Level10M-H-0452 Level10M-H-0453

In this case there you get a carrying bag, an adjustment tool, a cable for charging/corded use, a couple of stickers, an extension cable for the wireless dongle and even a post card (just to rub it in to one friend). Now let’s take a look at the Level 10M Hybrid.

Level10M-H-0454 Level10M-H-0455 Level10M-H-0456

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