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Thermaltake's Water 2.0 Performer Self-Contained Cooling System Stops By The Lab Featured

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The Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer-
Thermaltake’s Water 2.0 Performer is the low-end of the two Water 2.0 products. At the very bottom is the plain Water 2.0 with a thin aluminum radiator that measures 151 x 120 x 27mm and has a cooling surface of 1385 square cm. Although this is smaller than some of the other products on the market you should still be able to keep even the Sandy Bridge E CPUs cool under most conditions (although we would not want to overclock too far.

Like most AIO (All-in-One) cooling systems the cooling head also contains the pump which is intended to keep the liquid moving and your CPU temperature under control. Thermaltake uses a 12V pump with a rated RPM of about 2800 (+/- 150RPM). Unfortunately we do not have enough information to give you actual Gallons Per Minute but at 2800RPM you should be getting more than enough to cycle the liquid through at a consistent rate. The base of the cooling head is copper and is designed to make the most contact with both Intel and AMD CPUs. It would have been a better design to have a square head like the Epic180, but considering the fact that Thermaltake probably buys most of their parts from other sources you get what you can (to the best of our knowledge only CoolIT makes a square head and that only for MAINGEAR).  Still the overall design, while the same as many other AIO cooling systems is still a good one.

Connecting the cooling head to the radiator Thermaltake has chosen to use rubber tubing. They have given you a little more length than is common (326mm) but this is also good to allow for easy installation and less pressure on the connections at the head and radiator.

To keep air moving over that 1385 CM^2 of cooling surface Thermaltake has included two 81CFM fans. These are4-pin PWM fans and have a speed range of 1200RMP to 2000RPM and make a maximum of 27dBA at full speed.  All in all the Water 2.0 Performer looks pretty good on paper even with the smaller cooling area from the radiator.

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