We Check Out EVGA's X79 FTW To See How Well it is Built Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
EVGA’s box style is the classic all black with the name of the motherboard in 3D lettering. Trailing off from the name is what looks like traces. There is very little on the box besides that. As we were not sent a retail box kit we do not have pictures of the actual box here. We grabbed these images off of EVGA’s website so that we had something to show.  Another item that was missing from our package was the manual and drivers DVD (again the picture you see here is from the website). We ended up grabbing all of the drivers from EVGA’s website so we will not be able to talk to you about the installer used or any of the utilities that might be included with this board.

151-SE-E777-KR_XL_8 151-SE-E777-KR_XL_2

Inside the box that was sent to use we did have all of the accessories that you would get with the X79 FTW though. The Goodies include SATA cables, a USB/Firewire bracket, a USB 3.0 bracket, Molex to SATA power cables, an IO Shield and three SLI bridges. Two of these bridges were for three-way SLI. 

box03 box04

One looked like it was for standard three-way SLI and the other had a large gap between the second and third card. This was a little odd, but could be so that you could throw in another card for PhysX (there is a mention of this configuration in the manual which is not a bad touch.


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