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Western Digital shows off HAMR hard drives

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The company Western Digital demonstrated the operation of a hard disk based on HARM (heat -assisted magnetic recording) technology at the China International Forum held in Shanghai. 

Vice President of Western Digital's technology department, Dr. William Cain, demonstrated performance of their PC with built-in 2.5 inch hard disk drives based on HAMR technology. Western Digital is the third company that presented HAMR drives, while they were previously presented by Seagate and TDK.

Current technology allows creation of a discs with a recording density of 750 gigabits per inch of the panel, while HAMR technology significantly increases the density to 4 terabits per inch. It is estimated that by 2016 the needs of a typical household data warehousing will reach an average value of 3.3 TB, so companies like Seagate and Western Digital are trying to raise the capacity of mechanical hard disk drives using the new technology.

Seagate plans to issue a 3.5 inch hard drive with a capacity of 20 TB by 2020. In the same period it is expected that we could see drives for laptops with a capacity of 10 TB.

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