Monday08 August 2022

1.2 million more PS4 consoles sold than Xbox One's in 2013

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Microsoft recently bragged about 3 million sold copies of they latest Xbox One console in the year of 2013. As expected, we did not have to wait too long to get the answer from Sony about PlayStation 4 sales.


Kaz Hirai from Sony ath the CES revealed that by 28 December they sold more than 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles. With sales figures for the new console, Hirai also revealed that after the release of the PlayStation 4, PS Plus subscribers number grew by as much as 90%, adding that the associated PS4 software was sold by 28 December in 9.7 million copies worldwide. The whole thing preceded to the announcement of the new streaming service called Playstation Now that relies on service Gaikai.

Microsoft's console over the past year was officially released in 13 countries, and during the 2014 that number should be extended to many more additional territories, which will certainly add up some more sales.

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