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100 hours of video uploaded every minute to Youtube

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In eight years of existence, YouTube has achieved the results about which its founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, all of them former employees of PayPal, probably would not even dare to dream. According to the latest information that the service posted on the occasion of the eighth anniversary on YouTube's official blog, at this moment, every minute on YouTube servers 100 hours of video are being uploaded.

Every month, YouTube is visited by more than a billion people, which is - so to speak - practically every other Internet user. They also published some other interesting facts: the current record holder in the visitors in one day is as expected Psy's new video for the song Gentleman, which on 14th Aprile became the first video to achieve 38 million views in just 24 hours. Psy's Gangnam Style also holds the record for most watched video in YouTube history (more than 1.6 billion views).

Gentleman was viewed by over 100 million times in less than four days. For comparison, it took Gangnam Style almost two months to achieve these numbers (of course, Psy was then much less known). Sesame Street became the first non-profit organization whose aggregated videos were viewed over a billion times.

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