Tuesday29 November 2022

2TB SSD coming from Foremay

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Just as we published an article about Micron releasing cheaper SSDs in 120, 240, 480 and 960GB versions, one company has decided to go even further. The company, Foremay, has announced SSDs with a capacity of 2 terabytes in a standard 2.5 inch format and only 9.5 millimeters thick. Foremay will offer these SSDs within their TC166 series for mass market and SC199 for industrial and commercial users.

Foremay argues that these solutions are currently the most capacitive SSDs in 2.5 inch SATA formats on the market. There are also standard features like hardware data encryption and secure deletion of the same, they even include support for APM and ECC is present. The company unfortunately has not revealed any additional technical specifications, such as data transmission speeds.

However they point out that the announced SSDs with capacity of 2 TB are already in mass production and should appear on the market soon. Prices have not been announced yet. It looks like SSDs are slowly but surely coming into the spotlight and if the price drop continues we could see them soon in every personal computer, maybe even with models having this much capacity they could replace standard HDDs very soon.

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